Upcoming events

the 7th of August 2010
Senior Grading up to Brown Belt held at the Dojo

the 28th of August 2010
Australian National Championships held at the Regio Calabria Club in Melbourne

Sarina Dojo is entering 8 competitors in the Kata Divisions and the full contact divisions.
Last years Nationals produced first and second place for Sarina in the Junior Kata Division and 2nd and third place in the senior Kata Division as well as first and second place in the junior full contact ladies division.
This year we have competitors in Junior and senior Kata, 4 junior Full contact, a senior male heavyweight, a senior male light weight, ladies senior middle weight and a senior male middle weight.
The Sarina Dojo pays for the airfares, entry fees and accommodation for all the competitors no matter where they travel.

Enquiries : Sensei Karl Fox

Ph: 1800 809 734   |   Mobile: 0408 726 775

Sarina Karate Club Ph: 07 4956 2311

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